Millions of Customer’s Details Accessed in Hack

Millions of Customer’s Details Accessed in Hack

Yet another cyber attack has affected millions of people, this time the customer’s of Carphone Warehouse, one of the UK’s largest high store chain. After the attack which left millions of customer unable to access their online banking accounts in last week’s RBS heck, yet another attack has this time affected millions of customer’s details accessed in hack on Carphone Warehouse’s customers. The company, which is part of the Dixons Carphone group, announced on Saturday that a highly sophisticated cyber attack had occurred, potentially compromising millions of customer’s details; including names, addresses, date of birth information and bank details.

It is not known who is responsible for the attack but a full investigation is being conducted by a firm who specialises in cyber breaches in companies. But the number of customers affected is said to reach 2.4million, with over 90,000 customers’ credit card details also possibly in the hands of the hackers. The company has reassured customers that those details are stored in an encrypted manner so they should be safe. To assist in the investigation, Scotland Yard have been notified, as well the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Unfortunately, it isn’t just the Carphone Warehouse website that was attacked, the hack extends to several websites in which Carphone Warehouse provide services for, including, and TalkTalk, the mobile phone company, is also under Carphone Warehouse so those customer details are also potentially contained in the hacked data. Even though PC World and Currys are under the same company, a spokesperson for the company has claimed that this customer details are completely safe as they are stored on separate systems.

Cyber attacks are growing more and more frequent, with several high level attacks having taken place in just the past 12 months. The cost that these hacks cause have reached in excess of £34billion a year, where data breaches affect not just the customer’s but a company’s reputation as well. If you are concerned about your privacy, then there are additional steps to ensure you remain safe online. By signing up to Le VPN, you can make sure your internet connection is secure and encrypted, preventing anyone from accessing or viewing your online details. Le VPN can also allow you to change your IP address in order to remain anonymous as well as unlocking websites that are region restricted.

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