Do you know about cryptolockers?

Do you know about cryptolockers?

In former Soviet Union countries, many IT young experts who barely make a living are approached by criminal networks.

They are been offered to enter a poorly protected computer network or to steal 300 million euros in subcontractors banks networks, that are poorly secured in Bangladesh or India.

“It’s scary, but perhaps less than what some hackers can actually do, says criminologist Xavier Raufer, for example, they take control of the central computer of a nuclear plant based in a country where the computer system is not secure, just being based at home. ”

And many of these hackers already prevail in Western countries, acting at the expense of businesses but also individuals.

Those who are called “cryptolockers” now represent the new trend in the world of cybercriminals. They could soon wreak havoc around the world.

Indeed, they are usually based in Russia and Ukraine: these computer nerds develop stubborn virus that encrypt and paralyze remote documents and personal files to make them inaccessible to users.

Therefore they must pay a ransom to unlock their computer and retrieve their data. “The money is also often required Bitcoin, this electronic money easily traceable, especially used on drug sales site,” said Col. Eric Freyssinet, Head of the Division of fight against cybercrime of the French Gendarmerie. In general, the ransom is from 2 to 8 Bitcoins, whose individual value is around 680 euros.

After using it essentially took companies with servers on the Internet, “cryptolockers” now attacking individual computers. The virus can be spread via infected corrupted USB sticks, links and advertisements, has already hit UK and US: 1300 attacks have already been identified in these two countries. In France, this virus is the sixth most affected countries in the world .

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