iOS Apps Found to be Open to Data Theft

iOS Apps Found to be Open to Data Theft

It has been revealed that a serious flaw in Apple’s iOS meant that 1000s of apps were left exposed to attacks as 1000s of iOS apps found to be open to data theft. Security firm SourceDNA released a report claiming that a security flaw in device’s mobile network meant that hackers are able to access sensitive information such as passwords, bank details and home addresses.

Even though the flaw was spotted relatively soon, with the likes of Yahoo, Microsoft and Uber quickly updating their apps to remedy the flaw, there are still many un-patched. The problem code is AFNetworking, made to help developers implement encryption within their apps, ironically. This caused an error in the implementation of SSL, the encryption of sensitive data over the internet.

SSL encryption is a very important aspect of online security, without it then it would be even easier for hackers to retrieve sensitive data from users, information such as passwords, bank details etc would be intercepted. This kind of attack is especially prevalent in public wifi zones such as airports or coffee shops where the internet connection is secure. The security flaw was only in circulation for six weeks until it was found, but in that time it opened up millions of users to potential attacks from anyone. The last major attack of this type was the Heartbleed bug which affected millions of machines in a similar style of attack.

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