iCloud Leaks and How to Protect Yourself

iCloud Leaks and How to Protect Yourself

With the latest news of Apple’s iCloud system being hacked and many accounts compromised, resulting in private pictures being leaked online, internet security is back in the spotlight. A service as big and widely used as iCloud, with 800 million users, how can you be sure your data is safe online? Preventing iCloud leaks and how to protect yourself is very important in this digital age where our entire lives are online.

The fist step you can take is your choice of password(s). Having the same password for all accounts is easy to remember and convenient, it can also prove risky if only one of your accounts are compromised. The hacker can then access all your accounts you share the password with. By having multiple passwords for different accounts decreases the chances people can access your data. Password managers are becoming more and more popular by using strong, hard to crack passwords for all your accounts without the need to remember them all. Two-step authentication is another method sure to gather pace, to further protect accounts. If you don’t want to go down the password manager route then the best thing you can do is keep your passwords strong; a combination of letters and numbers, and not to use them for more than one account will help secure yourself online.

Even with all the password precautions you can take, you’re still vulnerable to attacks. A more secure way of protecting yourself online is by using a Virtual Private Network. Le VPN allows you to browse the internet, wherever you are, in a safe and secure manner. By connecting to the internet through an encrypted connection, this prevents anyone else from spying on what you’re doing. This can be used from home or even on a public wifi zone, on whatever device you use to connect to the internet through. Making sure that your data online remains protected and private.

So by being more careful with the accounts and passwords you have, to securing your internet connection wherever you are in the world, you can be sure your data will be as protected as possible with Le VPN. Sign up and see how you can benefit from browsing the internet safely and securely.



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