Google’s Dune! App Leaks Data?

Google’s Dune! App Leaks Data?

The IP address stands for internet protocol. You must remember that every time you are connected to the internet, you have to stay vigilant in order to enjoy a seamless and secure service. Now, you must be wondering how to find my IP address.

Knowing your IP address is important for a number of reasons. One, it is your identity when you are online. Just like your home address is unique to you, your IP address is unique to you and only you. Your PC or mobile, irrespective of the device in question, will have a unique IP address. If your device is connected to both the internet and the network, then it will have an internal IP address and an external one.

Dune! App Data Leaks

Dune! The app is one popular Google Play app. In the recent few weeks, the game app was downloaded more than 5 million times. According to the security firm Pradeo, Dune! App leaked sensitive data. At the same time, Dune! Contains some OWASP flaws. As a result, the app is becoming vulnerable to data leakage and geo-locates users.

How To Find My IP Address?

If you have been wondering “how to find my IP address”, here is the easy way to know that. You can always Google it. All you have to do is open the search engine and type IP address. Your public IP address will be shown to you. Your IP address will be in the form of numbers, in four sets containing not more than three numbers each. This IP address can be hidden with a VPN service or proxy browser.

How To Hide Your IP Address With A VPN?

If you are wondering what is VPN service, it is a connection that can route off your internet services. Le VPN is very easy and affordable way to hide your IP address. It is important to know how to find my IP address. And if you know how to hide it with a VPN, you can enjoy anonymous browsing. You can choose Le VPN’s IP address from a list of more than 100+ locations.

Unblock Geo-restricted Websites

Integrating Le VPN’s Android software is very easy. You will also get access to the restricted websites when you use a VPN. This is possible as Le VPN allows you to unblock geo-restricted websites. E.g., If you are in the UK and want to access US-based television channel that is inaccessible in the UK. You can simply replace your IP with Le VPN’s US IP and access the content as if you are in the US only.

Most networks today use a router. Now, a router comes with an IP address of its own. In case you wanted to know how to find my IP address, you will have to visit the configuration page of your router. You will then have to check the documentation of the router to know its IP. The format would be the same as above.

Finding your IP address isn’t complicated at all. It isn’t rocket science! You just have to know the right way to get both your public and internal IP address. So, by now you know how to find my IP address, and even how to hide it.



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