Google Warns of US Government’s Hacking Capabilities

Google Warns of US Government’s Hacking Capabilities

Google has announced that it plans to stand against proposed legislation change that would see the FBI have even greater power when it comes to searching and seizing data. Google warns of US government’s hacking capabilities if this is to go ahead as it could mean the US government could hack any facility in the world.

The search engine giants have issued a statement to the Washington commitee outlining their concerns against the US Justice Department’s plans. Google does not like the idea that the FBI, or the American government could remotely access any computers that have hidden their identity, through either a VPN or using anonymity services such as Tor. It is through these methods that they could operate beyond the US. Google is hoping that the Advisory Commitee of Criminal Rules will consider their opposition, and many others joined Google in voicing their concerns, and prevent such a ruling from passing.

The way current search warrants exist is that the FBI, or any other law enforcement agency, have to recieve a warrant from a judge from the same district. But it is argued that in today’s world of modern technology, such a rule no longer applies. The FBI claim that these new rulings are essential in investigations where suspects have hidden their computer’s location.

If this law does pass, then it could be just another further step towards mass surveillance and anyone being subjected to being monitored, even more so than at present. In the meantime, its always safer to protect your online presence. By signing up to Le VPN you can easily stay anonymous and browse the internet safe in the knowledge no one can monitor your activity. With HybridVPN now available to all customers of Le VPN, you can now secure your connection whilst enjoying the convenience of a SmartDNS with no bottlenecking of speeds.



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