Google Accidentally Reveal Right to be Forgotten Data

Google Accidentally Reveal Right to be Forgotten Data

Google introduced the right to be forgotten’ back last year in an effort to protect the identities of anyone who wished to have certain personal details removed from internet search results. Google implemented the request system back in May 2014, allowing anyone to send a request detailing the reason why their information is to be removed from the Google search algorithms. The move came after pressure from various groups, resulting in a ruling passed by the European Court of Justice. Since then, Google has remained quiet on how many requests have been handled, until recently, when it surfaced that Google accidentally reveal right to be forgotten data.

This new law meant that if anyone wanted certain information to be emitted from search engines then a simple online form to Google meant that they could get it removed. Of course, not all requests would be accepted, but since the ruling over a year ago, more than 200,000 requests were submitted to Google, on various grounds, ranging from removing personal information such as addresses, to serious crimes.

In addition to huge support for the ‘Right to be Forgotten’ ruling, there was also a lot of backlash to Google’s new policy, with various groups concerned for criminals and politicians to potentially abuse the system, emitting any incriminating information, as a form of censorship. Google responded to these claims as it will review every case equally, and if no true reason was given, then the omission wouldn’t be granted. In the recent data revealed of the past year’s requests, including both granted and denials, it was confirmed that in over 95% of all requests were actually from citizens wishing to protect their personal information. The other 5% has been attributed to politicians or criminals hoping to hide their past.

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