Super Popular Game “Fortnite” Coming to iOS

Super Popular Game “Fortnite” Coming to iOS

The super popular game “fortnite” is coming to iOS. The game was initially only available for Mac/PC, but the popularity and raging identification let its developers launch it for mobile as well. The good news for Android users is not very far as stated by the developers. But the question is of downloading it from websites that are reliable and safe when it comes to Mac and PC. Also, it is important to ensure safety while P2P file sharing.

What Is A P2P File Sharing?

P2P file sharing or peer to peer file sharing allows you to share music, movies, and another type of media. Additionally, you can also exchange books and documents to computers that are connected to P2P file sharing networks. An example of P2P file sharing is using uTorrent to download videos, games and latest movies. But the main question arises, how safe are these websites from which uTorrent access the desired files?

There are several cases heard and seen that deal with digital thefts associated with such websites. They lure the users into a fake lottery and in return ask for the bank details which some users easily provide. They do not realize the consequences of the same when the lump sum amount is withdrawn from their account without their consent. This happens on a frequent basis.

Secure Your uTorrent Mac

The days of going to a movie hall for watching the latest flick are now history. Nowadays people prefer to relax in their homes wait for a couple of days and download that latest movie on the Mac. For such reasons, torrents are very popular. On the other hand, they are not safe. There are various viruses that can enter into the system and cause destruction. They might even play with the data stored in Mac.

uTorrent Mac is an effective BitTorrent client that lets you connect to P2P networks. However, you can secure your downloads with the Le VPN’s reliable VPN service. This is possible as Le VPN uses AES-256 algorithm to encrypt all data passing between you and Le VPN servers. This encryption also disallows any third party to interfere or see what is happening on the network.

How Does It Work?

  • Download the torrent software for Mac. You can download uTorrent Mac at Make sure the one you download is compatible with your device.
  • Once you have downloaded uTorrent Mac, you need to click on file twice to unzip it.
  • To use uTorrent Mac, you will have to click on the icon and look for the program that you want.
  • Selected a reputed and known torrent for download.

Ensure Online Safety With Le VPN

If you want to download uTorrent Mac, one of the best ways of doing so is to use a VPN by Le VPN.  This will ensure the safety of all of your Internet traffic, regardless of if you are using uTorrent or eMule. Kindly be informed that Torrents and P2P are only allowed with Le VPN servers in four countries. These are Canada, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands.



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