Fake Ad Blockers Affect More than 20 Million Chrome Users

Fake Ad Blockers Affect More than 20 Million Chrome Users

Isn’t it very irritating to see the ad pop-ups when you are watching some exciting content online? Automatically playing ads are the worst. They spoil your fun while you are watching your favorite movie or reading some valuable content online. You must be wondering if you should use an IP hider or opt for an ad blocker software.

Google Takes Off Five Popular Ad Blockers

A recent report by AdGuard highlighted some fake ad blockers in Google’s Chrome store. According to the report, these extensions contain malicious scripts. A code in these phony ad blocking extensions lets the data out from the user’s browsing session. Simultaneously, it also changed the browser’s behavior. As a result, Google decides to take off five popular ad blockers, which were used for more than 20 million Google Chrome users.

  • AdRemover with more than 10 million downloads
  • uBlock Plus with above 8 million users
  • Adblock Pro having more than 2 million users
  • HD for YouTube with over 400,000 users
  • Webutation having about 30,000 users

Apart from enhancing your browser experience, the ad blockers improve your online security, privacy, as well as improves the speed of your system. A reliable VPN service, Le VPN ensures 100% online security, privacy, as well as anonymity. It works as an IP hider for you.

How Is IP Hider Helpful?

As you know, an ad blocker filters out most of the advertisement pop-ups. Hence, it allows you to browse content or stream videos without any hitches. These advertisements are also targeted. E.g., if you have searched for shoes while online, you will see the advertisements for the best shoes in your area. This is possible due to your IP address. If you are using an ad blocker, you are stopping those ads. But in the process of blocking ads, you are at the risk of missing out on relevant information as well, because the ad blocker blocks all types of ads.

However, when you use a VPN as an IP hider, you are simply changing your IP. Hence, no one can see what is happening via your network.

Le VPN As An IP Hider

To understand the concept of what is a VPN, you must know what an IP address is. An IP address is nothing, but a unique numerical label assigned to your computer network while you are connected to the internet. A virtual private network, or a VPN, offers safe tunnel for your data to flow. The route is encrypted. Therefore, no one can know what you are doing via the internet connection. Le VPN is among the most reliable, easy to use, and affordable VPN service. To know your IP address type what is my private IP in the search engine. Your IP address will be displayed on the screen.

Using Le VPN is very simple. Subscribe to a package of your choice. Download Le VPN app and use the IP address from Le VPN’s IP address list. When you mask your IP address with Le VPN, you can access websites that are only available in a certain country. Additionally, you are away from targeted advertisers. Using Le VPN as an IP hider will offer a list of benefits:

  • Unblock Geo-restricted content
  • Enjoy online TV anywhere
  • 100% online security
  • Secured online identity
  • No more internet censorship
  • Mobile security with customized VPN apps
  • Safe P2P file sharing

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