Facebook Live Spreads Its Wings Further With New Features

Facebook Live Spreads Its Wings Further With New Features

Facebook Live has become one of the most widely used features for all. It has grown to be a huge source of citizen journalism. More and more people are experimenting with it to stay connected with friends in real time. Facebook live allows users to broadcast videos in real to users all over the world who are on their friend list. A simple phone camera helps people get insights into concerts in faraway lands or scenic beauties from around the world through their friends.

Why Is Facebook Live Different From Normal Uploading Of Videos?

Normal videos have become old school and here is why:

  • You can interact with the viewers of the video.
  • Comments and likes also occur in real time. This means you can answer burning questions from viewers, gauge their opinions and get their live reactions to your video. This makes the entire process super fun and very interactive.
  • New followers will be able to discover you when you use live.
  • Your followers receive notifications when you go live, which means they don’t miss out on the most important few moments of your life. Instead, they live it with you.
  • Filters and texts allow you to make your live video even more entertaining.
  • Live broadcasts can last up to 4 hours, which make it easy for everybody. Uploading a video that long might be a very time consuming and difficult affair.
  • Pages can even customize the audience for whom the live video is directly meant for.
  • A very important bit is that Facebook Live usually ranks a lot higher than other posts. This means that when you go live, this is most likely to appear on top of the timeline of your friends.
  • Most importantly, live videos remain on Facebook and they can be watched later too. Even the comments and reactions appear on the video as and when they had during the live recording.

New Feature!

Facebook introduces new exciting features recently. These are:

  • Live Chat with Friends. This will allow you go live with your friend in a side-by-side video chat. This feature aims at creating a wider audience for Facebook Live.
  • A ‘live with’ feature. This allows a user to invite another friend to the live video simultaneously even if the friend is not present with the user at the same place.

Anyone in today’s world, who has access to a smartphone and internet connection, can tell his/her story to the entire world without any hassle. This has revolutionized the concept of real time videos. Citizen journalism, marketing and PR strategies and all promotional activities will soon revolve on more and more real time videos. Facebook live only seems to be growing and will have many new users testing it out in the near future.

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