Facebook Bug Affects Privacy Settings Of 14 Million Users

Facebook Bug Affects Privacy Settings Of 14 Million Users

Online security is at a big risk. Hackers, malware, etc. are some of the reasons why one must use virtual private networks. But here too one needs to ask the question am I protected VPN user? This is because not all virtual private networks are reliable. Before we go ahead to select a VPN, let us understand why we need these services.

Facebook Bug And Privacy

Software bugs are a reason due to which one must check am I protected VPN user? The latest example is that of social media giant Facebook. According to Facebook, 14 million of users who thought they were sharing their posts with friends may have shared it with everyone. This took place due to a software bug. Facebook has privacy settings, which lets the user select the people who can see your posts. However, the software bug changed the privacy settings of millions of users to public. The bug was live for almost 14 days. Facebook claims to have fixed the issue. But the bug has affected the posts shared during that 14-day period.

This raises many questions about online privacy. You can get better online security and privacy by using a virtual private network.

What Is A VPN?

A VPN is a popular online security method. A user updates his IP to that of the service provider. This way you can browse the internet anonymously. Your online data is also hidden and safe. You enjoy better security and privacy. A VPN allows you to overcome internet censorship. For example, if you want to watch Canadian television from any part of the globe, then opt for Canadian VPN service. Update the IP to that of Canada. Now you can enjoy all the programmes that are accessible in Canada, but unavailable in your region.

Am I Protected VPN User With Le VPN?

To get the answer to the question am I a secure VPN user in the affirmative, you must use efficient VPN services. The best in this regard is Le VPN. This is a safe and affordable VPN service provider. Many of their customers make use of different servers like the Canadian server for some reasons. With Le VPN you are sure about online security and privacy. Le VPN makes use of very high-level data encryption. Le VPN offers three security protocols. They give their customers the option to customize the level of privacy as per their requirement. All Le VPN users get unlimited speed and data transfer.

Le VPN is the right choice if you like to spend time watching online TV, videos, and listen to music. You are more vulnerable to online threats if you are using the P2P software without proper protection. However, using Le VPN for P2P file sharing is a safe way. Merely pick Le VPN’s IP address to substitute your original IP. Hence, no one can track you even if you try to bypass the web restrictions.

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