Virtual Classes are not Only Risky for Parent’s Mental Health

Virtual Classes are not Only Risky for Parent’s Mental Health

Online classes have started, and now it is obvious that physical schools don’t exist for the sake of the child’s education, but to maintain the sanity of parents. Regardless, the quarantine we must endure during this COVID-19 breakout will create a few issues, but also some benefits. It is important to take care of your mental and digital health as well.

The first set of problems we will need to solve are technical. Social distancing means that you should buy a bit more food as not to go to the supermarket so often. And unless you are an alien with a strict cellulose diet, toilet paper ain’t it.

Also, some issues arise with everyone using the internet at the same time. Networks can get crowded, and the index servers might not work as well as they used to. Also, there is some risk for children cyber safety because everyone knows when they will be online.

Thankfully, with premium VPN providers like Le VPN, we can change our server location without changing our physical location. This way we can access the internet more freely and be safe while doing so.

Finally, having a solid cybersecurity detail will mean that we can relax while browsing through movies, shows, and games, which will be vital for our sanity and happiness in our home.

What do we Know?

Digital Health: Virtual Classes are not Only Risky for Parent's Mental Health. | Le VPN

At least for the next few weeks, and probably to the end of the semester, schools will be switched to virtual classrooms. By using software such as MicrosoftTeam or Skype, teachers will try to pass on the curriculum as if all of the kids are in class.

This will see a period of adjustment before we can see if this model is better or worse than actual classrooms. It might be the case that kids are more willing to learn from the comfort of their own home.

But, there is the socialization factor, as hanging out with friends is crucial for a child’s development. For the time being, parents and siblings need to fill that social role, and that can be beneficial for the future as well.

Otherwise, as kids will spend much more time online, they might stumble upon dangerous social media apps children are using, and you will get blindsided by what they find there.

Technical Difficulties

While far from being the best internet in the world, an average US consumer has a solid internet connection. But, the system is not meant to serve everyone at the same time. Even peak hours used to include only around 70% of the population in every given time zone. That is why slowdowns are to be expected.

If everyone gets online for both school and work at the same time, we will all have a lower speed. The servers holding that information are not made to send so much data at the same time.

While crashes of major services like Google, Facebook, or Microsoft are not likely, even they might experience a slowdown or lag locally.

Change Location

There are places where COVID-19 is not as much of an issue as in the US. Smaller isolated countries or those with lower population density are much more resilient to the spread of the virus.

Because of this fact, you can use a VPN to reconnect from these countries and bypass throttling. This may still create some issues if your local network is under a lot of pressure, but your access to online resources will be the same.


It is easy to fall into the trap of overworking yourself because you are working from home. Additionally, you might be tempted to leave your children online for more than it is healthy for a growing human being.

Not only can perpetual internet use increase the chances of cyberbullying and its effects, but it can also lead to multiple medical issues. Make sure your child sees a three-dimensional face from time to time.

If you are spending enough time with your family, you may be able to maintain a good balance of privacy and liberty, even when you are stuck in your home.

Allow for Privacy

Your own, and that of your quarantine partners.

When your kids are ‘at school,’ don’t barge in their room and demand to observe, or something similar. They are not at home browsing their computer, they are at school, and you should act as if their room is in another dimension.

Additionally, you should demand the same when you are at work. It is very easy for people to forget that someone working remotely is just as busy as if they are at the office.

Work as a Family

While this is a bad time for all of those that are sick, and there might be far-reaching consequences for the economy, it is a great time for us to understand the value of community and family.

Try to connect with your child’s hobbies and pastimes. Not only would you be able to keep yourself entertained, but you might also learn more about your child and the games they play. You can teach them how to deal with in-game abuse or figure out what parts of the internet are safe and which are not.


While the COVID-19 pandemic may not be directly fatal for you or your loved ones, it might be for others. Not to mention that if we overcrowd hospitals, there might be issues for people coming for unrelated reasons. That is why we must stay at home for the next few weeks.

And, while there might be some technical and connectivity issues because everyone is online, with tools like Le VPN app, we can easily bypass them.

The only thing left is to take care of yourself, and each other, and to try to have as much of a positive outlook as possible. In the end, this might even prove to be beneficial for everyone.



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Written by Vuk Mujović @VukMujovic

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