Dating Site Hacked in Protest

Dating Site Hacked in Protest

Dating website Ashley Madison, which offers users the chance for an online affair with other users, has been a victim of a targeted attack, which has resulted in the personal details of more than 37million users being potentially in the hands of the hackers. Ashley Madison, which has gained popularity internationally for its dating website specialising in encouraging affairs. The reason for the dating site hacked in protest, is that the site’s existence has provoked numerous calls for closure, due to its unethical nature, as well as its slogan “Life is short. Have an affair”.

The group responsible are calling themselves The Impact Team, have also targeted two other dating sites, Cougar Life and Established Men, which are all owned by the same company, Avid Life Media. The hackers have claimed they hold information containing not only personal information of its users, but financial records, and intimate details of its users, which it threatens to release if the site isn’t taken down. The Impact Team have also released information that it holds financial records for the company itself, according to a manifesto the group released alongside a sample of the hacked data. The group also objects to Avid Life Media’s ‘rules’ of cancellation, charging customers £15, for a ‘full delete’, which apparently is the only way the company can completely remove all personal details off their database.

Avid Life Media have since responded saying that the hacker has been identified and will be able to bring the situation under control, without further damage. It has been hinted that the hacker was actually connected to the company, whether an employee or someone associated with Ashley Madison, but motives are unsure aside from the ethical and moral concerns, as well as the unfair deletion service.

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