Cybersecurity Bill Could Fail to Protect User’s Privacy

Cybersecurity Bill Could Fail to Protect User’s Privacy

A controversial new bill is under review and set to be receiving a vote from the Senate later this month. The Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA) is set to allow companies to share its user’s personal data with the US government as a way to provide immunity from internet regulators as well as the Freedom of Information Act. This of course sets a dangerous precedent that many companies have come out and openly opposed the bill. Google, Facebook and Yahoo, amongst others, have come out voicing their opinion against the controversial bill as they claim cybersecurity bill could fail to protect user’s privacy.

The organisation that is voicing the opinions of many of the world’s tech giants; the Computer and Communications Industry Association (CCIA), claims that the new legislation will not only help fight cyber terrorism, but will have a much larger effect on the privacy and security of internet users. But equally alarming is how the government could potentially be using this information and how they would go about retrieving personal information. Leaving the internet open to this sort of unauthorised access to millions of internet users, all for the supposed prevention of high level cyber attacks.

The Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act was originally presented as a means to counter the growing number of high level cyber attacks aimed at various large organisations as well as the US government itself. By allowing companies to pass on ‘anonymous’ information to Homeland Security, as well as other agencies including the CIA and FBI. After several high profile attacks on the US government, as well as companies like Sony Pictures, a frantic race to protect from cyber security has begun. But through all these measures of protection, the very nature of what they are trying to protect is being compromised; the security and privacy of the internet’s users.

The ongoing fight between internet privacy and security rages on, with no real solution in sight. Protecting large companies and organisations from cyber attacks cannot come at the price of everyone else’s online privacy. If you are concerned about online privacy, then Le VPN can help you out. By signing up to Le VPN, you can easily encrypt and secure your internet connection in order to protect against hackers or anyone who would snoop on your activity. Le VPN has further benefits, from bypassing restrictions to increased security, sign up today and enjoy the true freedom of the internet.



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