Cyber Security Firm Falls Victim to Hack

Cyber Security Firm Falls Victim to Hack

Hacker Team, the online security firm, who offer security advice and services to both national security agencies and law enforcement firms, have been a victim of a hack. The breach of security led to more than 400gb of data stolen from the firm which inevitably ended up online through a series of tweets. As cyber security firm falls victim to hack, the documents leaked contained various reports which claimed the firm had been dealing with repressive regimes, providing them with various hacking tools.

The documents, which were published online via Hacker Team’s Twitter account, claimed that the security firm had been working with various governments, something that the film had previously strongly denied. It is yet unknown as to who is responsible for the hack, or even if the alleged incriminating documents are indeed verified. After the attack, which left hackers in control of Hacker Team’s Twitter account, which was renamed ‘Hacked Team’, for several hours before Hacker Team was able to regain control. In that time, the hackers released various information and documents, including invoices, emails and even personal information of employees.

Of the more serious claims, the hackers published documents that showed the security firm actually dealt with governments in Nigeria and Ethiopia, selling them malware, which was actually used against journalists from the US. Since 2013, Hacker Team have been under intense scrutiny after several reports were released that showed unethical dealings from the company whose first and foremost job is to provide protection from hacking. But in fact have been accused of choosing to sell various malware and hacking tools which inadvertently have been turned on innocent people.

This attack is just the latest in a long string of attacks to come out in the past year. After the high profile attack on Sony Pictures damaged the movie studio as well as the technology giant Sony themselves, there have also been attacks on the US government. With so much hacking and failed security in the news, it is highly recommended to take every available precaution to protect your online presence. Sign up to Le VPN and make sure that your internet connection is secure at all times, no matter what device you use, whether it is a VPN for Android, Windows or iPhone.



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