Internet is booming in China

Internet is booming in China

The Chinese Internet Center recently announced that the number of Chinese internet users in China rose to 591 million, which implies a 10% increase in one year. Indeed, 40% of the Chinese people use internet in their daily lives. These statistics were published by the China Internet Network Information Center. The Chinese government encourages Internet use for the development of economic activities; it is thus supported for education and commerce. But censorship is rampant on the Internet when it comes to criticizing the Communist Party government. Besides all the acts on the Internet in China is under control and all offenses are punished by Chinese law.

In 2012, the Chinese government has shut down several websites and other social media networks. The global study dealing with the respect of privacy on the Internet and freedom of expression states that “the protection of individual privacy in China is limited by the lack of real constitutional laws, indeed appropriate laws respecting the privacy and data protection laws.”

With such a growing population of Internet users, Chinese service companies and online media expect further exceptional growth. Already, ISPs and mobile operators do actually find it difficult sometimes to meet demand. Compared to 2011, the number of Chinese internet users using smartphones or other wireless devices to connect to the Internet increased by 20%.

Like many other countries in the world, China is also affected by cyber-attacks using malware. According to some study recent figures published during an event held in China, the number of malware on mobile devices has increased from 25% in 2012 compared to the previous year.

The study added that a total of 162,981 malware have been identified by the Technical Team of Emergency Response national computer network / coordination center of China (ETIURIN / CC) or detected by specialized internet security companies. The study also stated that almost 83% of the attacks have targeted mobile devices running with the Android operating system.

The growth of malware in China is justified in part by the number of Internet users in China, which is considered as the largest Internet population in the world and also by the fact that Chinese internet users prefer surfing using mobile devices.

According to Zhou Younglin, head of a department of TTIURIN / DC, this fast growth in the number of malware is linked to the growth of sales network applications for smartphones and sites offering these programs. Finally, China is known to be a nest for malware. In 2012, Zhou says the center has identified 52,324 websites infected with 3016 sites belonging to government institutions.

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