China passed the end of internet anonymity

China passed the end of internet anonymity

The Chinese government has confirmed the adoption of a new law that requires all Internet users in the country to use their real names when posting videos on the Internet.

China seems a bit tired of tracking internet users criticizing the regime and has therefore introduced a radical step in putting an end to the partial anonymity on the web. Since January 21st, a new law imposes on Chinese to use their true identity to be able to publish videos online.

Beijing said that the law intends to “prevent the spread of vulgar content, excessive violence and sexual content on the Internet video having a negative influence on the society. ” This law comes after a series of measures which require users to identify themselves on the Internet with their real identity. The same law requires the same thing when connecting to microblogging and mobile operators sites.

The Chinese government seeks to regain control of the Internet since 2013, especially various revelations veering to political scandal. Last September, the Communist Party  set up an anti-defamation campaign, that implied any person causing rumors or misinformation to be jailed for several years.

A lot of Chinese people have published content criticizing the policy of the Communist Party through the two most popular video platforms in China – Youku Tudou and Renren. The platforms have not yet commented on this new law that could ultimately punish them more than their users.

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