Big Security Changes After Anthem Breach

Big Security Changes After Anthem Breach

After the breach of security at many high-profile companies, including Sony Pictures and more recently Anthem, the health insurance company that had over 80 million customer details leaked in an attack last week. This attack is just the latest in a line of breaches that have cost companies millions as well as putting even more people’s details at risk. Big security changes after Anthem breach are expected to take place as companies are under pressure to increase security.

The New York State’s department of financial services are putting pressure on any companies they do business with to increase security measures. These include stronger password measures, which might mean the end of username and password combinations. Multi-factor authorisation is an increased security measure which could become mandatory, which goes beyond a simple password. Heightened security to ensure the right person is accessing personal details could include that person receiving a text message to prove it was them.

If security like that was in place then the breach at Anthem would not have happened. As a lot of attacks stem from fake emails being sent to employees requesting personal information, a multiple step authorisation would lower these kinds of attacks. But experts are warning that this might not be an easy fix for online security. Companies should instead be looking at how they store customer’s details and what happens when the breach occurs. At present, it isn’t profitable to spend on this aspect, but rather just to accept the fraud and move on. As always, it is the customer’s who really suffer for these security breaches.

So the first step should be taken by regulators who should put pressure on companies to not only increase their mandatory security but to implement improved systems of storing sensitive data. Because keeping every single person’s details in one area can only be asking for trouble when that one breach occurs.



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