Best VPN for Firestick

Best VPN for Firestick

The way the world watches television is changing. Today people are making use of smart devices like an Amazon Fire TV stick for accessing television. These types of devices make it possible to watch your favorite programmes on the go. However, for the better online security, you always have the option of selecting one of the best VPN for firestick.

Although the most obvious and rational use of any Amazon product combination is ordering two dozen Roomba vacuum cleaners and unleashing them using Alexa, there are other products that can entertain you just as much for a significantly lower price. The Amazon Firestick is the plug-n-play option that will allow you to watch all kinds of internet streaming services on your TV, using nothing more than your WiFi connection and HDMI port.

As with any product, there are multiple benefits, but there are also some risks. The benefits, in this case, stem from the wide range of choices you will have, depending on the streaming service you prefer, as well as from the fact that it is much more comfortable to watch your favorite shows snugged on your couch in front of a large TV than trying to find a good position using your PC, Laptop, tablet… or even your phone.

The risks of using an Amazon Firestick are twofold. The primary issue comes from the fact that you are connecting to the streaming services that all have your credit card data as well as other personal data, which must be protected. The other significant risk is that you are not directly controlling the inner works of the Firestick and that it is a part of Amazon’s proprietary software, meaning that the chance that it is sending some sort of data to Amazon is almost 100%.

While there are other options, if you are adamant on using the Firestick, you should be using a great VPN with it as well. With good VPN providers like Le VPN, you will not only be safe while watching your shows, but you will also have access to more shows that would otherwise be locked for your location.

What is the Amazon Firestick?

The current Fire TV Stick, the Firestick 2018, is the fourth iteration of Amazon Fire TV original product, used to project online streaming to your TV over HDMI. The new model is capable of streaming 4K videos and has a good user interface with which you can easily select the service you would like and stream it directly, as you would when simply watching TV. As with the former generations, the Firestick users can also expect a Fire TV remote controller, with the difference being that this one can be commanded with voice commands, both directly and through Amazon Alexa.

The way this simple piece of hardware is able to do the same task as a whole device is that it is optimized to do only this one job. Inside the Firestick, you will find a processor with an integrated graphics chip, an APU, similar to what we are accustomed in our phones. The device is basically a small computer made only for streaming and with a locked OS. Compared to devices made for multiple tasks the Fire Stick has relatively humble tech specks, with only a 1.7 GHz processor and 1.5 GB of Random Access Memory (RAM). These specs are more than enough when it comes to just streaming, especially if there are no additional programs running.

While this makes the service possible, it also makes the stick unable to protect itself from any hacks, as it is not running any defensive protocols on its own.

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Raspberry Pi vs. Firestick

Most tech-savvy people will instantly recognize the similarities between the Raspberry Pi and the Amazon Fire Stick, as both devices are primarily used for streaming entertainment to a TV. The main difference being that this is the sole purpose of the Amazon Fire TV Stick, while the Raspberry can be used as a small computer in its own right.

The basic build of both devices is similar on paper, as they both mostly consist of an APU with limited RAM capabilities, but this is only the case on paper from a user perspective. In reality, the Pi has a much wider range of abilities and options, and it can be used in combination with various operating systems and additions. The Amazon Fire Stick, on the other hand, is bound to a specific set of software and can only do the thing it is supposed to do, stream videos. Because of this, the stick can project a much better resolution and is much more stable than its larger counterpart. While the Firestick is also an Android device, you will not see a lot of the stock Android features you might be used to on your phone. What you will see it is custom Amazon UI made for this purpose specifically.

From the outsiders perspective, those who are more involved with technology and enjoy building and rebuilding devices will get much more from the Raspberry Pi, but those who just want to watch Netflix, Hulu, or Kodi from the comfort of your living room.

Alexa & Firestick

It is terrifying how much access global corporations have to our private lives, as they can even listen to us in our homes. Those saddened by this fact have two options, the first one telling Alexa to play ‘’Despacito’’ on loop, and the other one is to invest in your security and privacy.

Both the Firestick and Alexa are Amazon devices, meaning that they can work perfectly in sync, but this will also indicate that they will have an easier times discerning your habits and sending even more information right back to the corporation. While in most cases this data will be used primarily to invent and sell even more Amazon products, they can both leak directly from Amazon or can be interrupted somewhere on the way, giving an opportunity for a hacker to steal your private information, your identity, and even listen to your private conversations using Alexa.

As surrendering to the malicious entities that lurk on the internet would be unacceptable, the best way to prevent this is to use the best VPN services to encrypt any data coming from your home to the internet. This can be done by either connecting your Amazon system to a VPN or by using a VPN router that will make all of the devices inside your home protected. This method will also make your Firestick VPN protected.

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Kodi on Firestick

Kodi is a nice piece of software that is used to arrange your private library as well as sync all of your streaming services into one using application plug-ins. This means that you will be able to stream any song or movie you have stored on the cloud or even some other device that is connected directly to your TV without spreading cables all over your house.

Your Amazon Firestick will not come with the Kodi player installed, which makes the whole ordeal slightly tricky to pull off if you don’t know what to do exactly. For this, you will need another android device that can access Google Play, which might include your Alexa, but you will need some tinkering to make everything work.

First, you will need to go into the ‘’Developer Options” and enable ‘’Apps from unknown sources”. Secondly, you will need to open the downloader app on your Firestick and type in the full link ( and select the ARM-32bit APK file option. Select the pop-up and go through the install process. The Kodi app should be installed and ready to use from your Firestick screen.

If you have a Le VPN router or a VPN subscription, you can use that with the program to get a free Kodi VPN service, protecting you while you watch your media. As Le VPN can use its OpenVPN Kodi encoders, it can provide the maximum streaming internet connection speeds with all of the protection possible for a VPN, as well as some additional perks, such as avoiding geo-restriction.

Risks of Using the Amazon Firestick

The source of all risks when using the Amazon Firestick is that fact that the device is connected to the internet without the possibility to introduce any protection software natively to the invention. For this purpose, you will need a VPN provider that also has a good android app that will work on the device.

The safest way to go is with a premium VPN, but having a premium VPN for Firestick alone would be a waste of money as you will not have your other devices protected. This is why the best VPN for Firestick is the one that will include multiple devices, including a free VPN for Fire TV, provided that you have a monthly subscription.

You can use the native Firestick downloader, or another Android device, to install the android version of Le VPN to your Firestick and to use the same username and password you use on your other devices (and on up to 5 devices simultaneously).

Why Use VPN for Firestick?

The primary use of a VPN is staying anonymous and safe on the internet by masking the IP address given by your internet service provider (ISP) with the one from the VPN server. The other advantage of a VPN stem from this change in your IP address. As your new address will be the one of the servers, you can pretend to be somewhere else, surpassing geo-restrictions and other issues that may bar your own location from accessing certain media.

Security, privacy, and entertainment became the primary features of any VPN, but if you are using the best Fire Stick VPN, you will have multiple additional aspects that will either improve upon the basic service or add new features to your experience. This may include the use of a VPN router, connecting multiple devices, or using the free VPN Kodi service for the fastest VPN streaming available.


As with any VPN in general, a premium VPN on your Amazon Firestick will primarily serve to protect your sensitive data from hackers, spyware, or any other malicious entity on the internet that may be interested in stealing your private data or damaging your privacy in any other way.

There is a significant difference between using just any VPN and a professional top VPN. The one that is called free on the app store might finally cost you much more than the premium, as data thefts and leaks are very frequent. The free VPN that was provided by Facebook ended up costing its users millions in personal data and cryptocurrency. This works under the famous internet mantra of ‘’if you are not paying for the service, you are the product”.

– OpenVPN with Le VPN

If you are looking for the best VPN for Firestick, you will want to know that Le VPN uses the OpenVPN protocol. OpenVPN is an open source program that allows much faster streaming over VPN as it is using revolutionary protocols to combine both your ISP connection and your VPN connection to reduce the difference in bandwidth to almost negligible differences. This helps in streaming and gaming, while not compromising on security.

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If you are already using the Firestick, and have opted for the best VPN for Firestick, you might want to use this service to the fullest by accessing entertainment that is currently unavailable in your region. Due to copyright laws and distribution rights, most streaming services have a different online library depending on the area.

In most cases, this will mean using the Virtual Private Network to access the US Netflix database and to watch all the newest seasons of your favorite shows. But, the US database is not the largest nominally, as Japanese Anime fans will want to connect to the Servers in Japan to access the largest collection of Anime series on Netflix that used to be available only to users from the island Nation.

Finally, for those who enjoy original BBC shows, they will want to connect to the Le VPN UK server as to watch these shows much sooner than they would to arrive in the other regions.


It is well known that the best way to stay safe on the internet is to keep other people from knowing who you are. Confidentiality and anonymity are the basis of the internet, and while they might have some unwanted consequences, without privacy our lives would be completely open for others to invade and influence.

As not to engage in a much larger debate about sociology, community, and the nature of man (woman, person) we should just be aware that every human on this planet has differing views on the way people should live, and it should not be up to anyone to invade other people’s privacy and to demand them to change, if they are not hurting anyone.

A good example would be countries that ban many forms of entertainment and leisure activities as the government may perceive them as wrong, sinful, or even lewd. This is why many people from those countries use VPN to access banned media from abroad, or simply to communicate, protecting their privacy in the meantime.

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Le VPN – The Safest Option

There are multiple reasons why users should consider Le VPN when selecting which program to install VPN on Firestick. There are several benefits of using a premium VPN in general, as well as several in using Le VPN in particular. In total, there are five categories to consider: security, speed, stability, versatility, and ease of use. Le VPN provides one of the best VPNs in general, and this pristine service includes Android devices as well.


Le VPN is a premium VPN provider with years of experience that uses only the most efficient and advanced security protocols to encrypt your connection between all of the devices in your home and the internet.


Even without any additional features, the difference between the internet connection speed you would have using this VPN service is only slightly slower than being unprotected, and by using other software such as OpenVPN, you can stream on your Smart TV or play on your console with negligible difference in bandwidth.


Having a premium VPN connection means that the servers will be made to accommodate all users of the service and that there will be no loss in quality as more people are connected. Secondly, this service has an inbuilt kill-switch that will prevent you from connecting to the internet unprotected.


If you opt for Le VPN, you will be able to protect multiple devices under only one subscription. From your PC and Laptop to consoles and mobile devices, all the way up to smart appliances such as your Smart TV or even your fridge, everything will be protected. Additionally, if you have a VPN router from Le VPN, you will be able to protect anything without even needing to install individual VPN apps, and you will be protecting your guests as well. As you will already have paid your VPN for your main devices, you will have the best free VPN for Firestick.

Ease of Use

Installing and using the Le VPN Android App is very easy, and once you have started using it, you will be protected without needing to tinker with the app any more. You need to enter your username and password (that you received from us by email), and either the app or the computer program will start working automatically. And, if you wish to change your server location, you can do that in just a few clicks and a couple of seconds.


Although the Amazon Firestick device is a great addition to have for your entertainment, it is not without risk. You should install VPN on Fire Stick as to be protected, and you should always strive to use the best VPN for Firestick available. If you are a Le VPN subscriber, you will be able to download the app file directly from the app store and use the same Le VPN username and password you use on your other devices.

Finally, with Le VPN you will be able to use Kodi on Firestick with speed equal to your basic internet connection without compromising any security.

*Article Updated On March 27th, 2019.*



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