BBC Hit by DDoS Attack Leaving Website and iPlayer Down

BBC Hit by DDoS Attack Leaving Website and iPlayer Down

The BBC have released a statement apologising for their network of websites being unaccessible after an apparent cyber attack. In what was originally seen as a technical issue, the entire network of BBC websites, including iPlayer, the main news websites and even their apps, were all unaccessible for several hours in the early morning. It is now apparent that BBC hit by DDoS attack leaving website and iPlayer down which resulted in the mass outages.

Access to the website was met by a 500 error code message, where users were left waiting for pages to load or even shut out completely. The same message appeared across all platforms, where the BBC iPlayer streaming service was affected as well. Sources within the organisation claim it was a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack, which overwhelms a website with fake traffic, preventing actual users from accessing the site and even causing the website to falter to the point of being taken offline.

The BBC have had a string of online technical issues, when back in 2011 the entire domain went offline after a technical glitch. But the organisation hasn’t been hit by a cyber attack since 2012 when it was confirmed that a cyber attack, causing its Farsi language services offline, including telephone and email services.

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