Apple Will Not Allow Developers to Sell Personal Data

Apple Will Not Allow Developers to Sell Personal Data

With the scheduled announcement of yet another iPhone in September, Apple has told developers that they must not sell data collected with Apple’s ‘HealthKit’, a platform that can collect health information from the user. A new app set to appear in the near future simply titled ‘Health’, will be able to collect data on heart rate and blood pressure, and information of diet and exercise.

Apple will not allow developers to sell personal data, but revealed that developers will be able to collect this data through their own apps but must not sell it to other companies. This comes as welcome news to growing concerns of privacy within mobile devices and the internet. As apps and devices become more advanced in collecting personal data about user’s health, the risk of developers and companies selling this data for targeted advertising and other unwarranted action grows. Insurance companies would be most interested in health data in order to really learn more about policies that could be taken out, potentially denying someone outright. The ramifications of this sort of data being released and passed on without user’s consent is a genuine concern.

The arguments continue for growing security and privacy issues as almost every aspect of our life is now connected to the internet with no guarantees of privacy. As soon as content is online, it is very difficult in knowing where this data ends up. Unfortunately there isn’t an easy solution to keep your data online safe. But what you can do is to make sure your internet connection is safe and secure. This will stop any unwanted spying on your information and activity, preventing any potential hacking.

Le VPN will offer you the ability to securely connect to the internet wherever you are, whether at home, at the office or even abroad. By encrypting your connection, it creates a tunnel to prevent any snooping. By doing this, also allows you to browse the internet anonymously and safely. Public wifi zones are particularly susceptible to unwanted attention as the connections are unsecured and open to anyone joining them.

Le VPN also gives you the benefit of being able to switch your IP address, your virtual location, to enable you to connect to the internet through another country. This gives you the ability to access websites and content that are region restricted such as Netflix and it can bypass censorship, unlocking websites that are banned in certain countries.

Apple will not allow developers to sell personal data, so sign up to Le VPN to ensure all your personal data is safe everywhere else.



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