Apple Watch Causes Concern Over Theft Protection

Apple Watch Causes Concern Over Theft Protection

With the introduction of ‘activation lock’ back in 2013 for Apple’s iPhone, it allowed users to safeguard their devices from thieves resetting stolen devices in order to use them. This feature made it impossible for anyone to reset the phone without permission from the registered user. But since the launch of Apple’s Watch, there has been a glaring security omission as Apple Watch causes concern over theft protection.

Even though the Watch still has the same lock features as the iPhone, there is nothing that stops the thief in simply resetting the Watch to factory settings and being able to use the smart watch from scratch, reactivating it as if it was bought brand new. The security feature activation lock was first bought in with iOS 7 back in 2013 and has since been included as default within iOS 8 with all iPhones as a way to prevent thieves from bypassing the security aspect altogether. From the box, the Apple Watch has to be paired with an iPhone and an internet connection before even being able to tell the time.

Apple have yet to release an update to fix such a security flaw, so in the meantime, to make sure these devices don’t fall in the wrong hands, keep the watch on your wrist. If security is your priority then Le VPN can protect you in other ways online. By always connecting to a Le VPN server, you will be masking your online identity, away from potential hackers, as you will be connecting to a secure location with complete anonymity. Le VPN can also allow you to bypass censorship, access regionally restricted content, not to mention all this can be accessed no matter what device you use.



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