Anonymity for Website Owners Comes Under Attack

Anonymity for Website Owners Comes Under Attack

Icann, the company which helps control the internet’s infrastructure has called for plans to end website owner’s anonymity. In a move that has provoked strong opposition, Icann hopes the move will mean more transparency when it comes to those who publish websites. At present, anyone who registers a domain has to provide contact details, but this can be protected by domain servers who can keep this information private. Anonymity for website owners comes under attack, and an online privacy advocate has called for a reversal of the decision.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has opposed these plans, claiming that it will put further risk of identity fraud and harassment onto anyone who has a domain name. For those registering domain names simply submit their personal details and the domain server simply by submitting their own contact details into Whois, the directory for all website address. But Icann is hoping to put an end to this practice, the move is also backed by the US entertainment industry via the Coalition for Online Accountability. In a statement back in May, Steve Metalitz confronted Congress with what he believes is unethical, that millions of domain registrations lurk in the shadow of public knowledge, free from all governance.

Everyone who is opposed to the move has been emailing their protest to Icann in the hope that the body will change their stance. As they believe that no matter what website you run, whether it is personal or commercial, that your privacy should remain safe and secure.

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