80% Of Online Fraud Involve Mobile Devices: Report

80% Of Online Fraud Involve Mobile Devices: Report

If you are following the latest news in the field of information technology, you’ll know that legalities and restrictions are trending for now. Now, why is that? There was a time when one can easily watch streaming content online or download films whenever they wanted. This is possible by means of proxy browsers or Kodi apps. But the internet service providers and certain websites want to curb the growing demand for the above. One way of doing so is by imposing geo restrictions and bans. Now, these geo restrictions prohibit people living in certain areas from accessing the websites. One way of bypassing these geo restrictions is by using a VPN router or a VPN service. To, understand this concept of a VPN, let’s understand VPN definition.

What Is VPN Definition?

If you want to know VPN definition, this is the best that we can offer. A VPN stands for a virtual private network. A virtual private network is one that routes off your internet services to another geographical location altogether. Basically, the IP address would be that of the location to which your services have been routed off to, and not your own.

Online Frauds With Mobile Devices

According to a recent report, 80% of online fraud concerns mobile devices. The report is put forth by the Data Center of China Internet (DCCI) and the Tencent Research Institute. Generally, Android and iOS apps require user permission to access the user data. In July-December 2017, around 98.5% of Android apps and 81.9% of iOS apps asked for similar user permission. However, about 9% of Android apps misused permissions to gather the user data.

In such a situation, your device is more vulnerable if you are accessing the public Wi-Fi. Hence, you need a VPN. The VPN definition makes it clear that it ensures online security and privacy. Do you know that an analysis of online fraud reveals that victims generally lose some of their personal data? Hence, make sure to use Le VPN to secure your important data.

Data Encryption With Le VPN

A kind of tunneling protocol is used in the case of VPN. Basically, the data content passed through a secure tunnel. Also, all the data passing through a VPN connection is getting encryption. This way, Le VPN protects it and makes it completely secure. One of the major benefits of using Le VPN service is that it provides confidentiality. Unauthorised users will not be able to access your data, thus reducing chances of a leak or breach. Even if a hacker breaks into your system, they cannot reach your data.

Bypass Geo-Restrictions

A VPN server can allow you to access websites that are not accessible in your area due to geo restrictions. If online streaming is not acceptable in your area, you can use a VPN to do so. You would just need a stable connection, to provide for seamless streaming experience.

For instance, if you want to access a website that comes with geo restrictions, you will need to hide your IP address. Once your IP address is redirected to a different IP address using Le VPN or the best proxy server, the geo restrictions are no longer applicable to you. This is why proxy servers are the most common choices when it comes to accessing content online.

By now, you know the VPN definition. Also, these are some of the basic facts and benefits of Le VPN which you must keep in mind.



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