21 Year Old Man Arrested in Connection with Cyber Attack

21 Year Old Man Arrested in Connection with Cyber Attack

After toy manufacturer VTech suffered a data breach in which thousands of customer’s details were compromised, it has since been found that a 21 year old man arrested in connection with cyber attack. The hack, which targeted the customer data stored on the Learning Lodge app, which is an application for parents to download games, ebooks and other educational content to their child’s device safely. Even though VTech assured customer’s that no sensitive credit card information was stored on the database, the risk of identity fraud was high.

The South East Regional Organised Crime Unit released a statement confirming that a 21 year old was held in connection to the attack, and was being detained in Berkshire, England. A huge cyber crime operation has been in full swing, after a series of high profile attacks have crippled organisations and companies across the UK, as well as the rest of the world.

Despite no credit card details stolen, the repercussions for personal information theft is potentially worse. The information stored on the VTech database contained names, addresses, passwords, security questions, IP addresses and other information that when used elsewhere, could be hazardous. Due to the majority of users using the same password across all platforms, whether its the VTech app store, or even their Facebook and email accounts, the hacker could use this information elsewhere. The damage can be multiplied if the passwords were the same for all other accounts.

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