YouTube blocked in Turkey, Google counter-attacks

YouTube blocked in Turkey, Google counter-attacks

Ups and downs in Internet censorship by the Turkish authorities… After Twitter and YouTube had been blocked, the Turkish government met with the justice who ordered the authorities to restore access to these two sites. But it did not actually go as planned, as the same court decided to support Youtube been blocked until 15 specific videos may be removed.

The government calls this issue “national security”, according to Le Monde: among the 15 videos, one can find the recording of a meeting between the Turkish Prime Minister and his ministers, where they discuss a possible military intervention in Syria .

Google decided to launch an action and to go to court. The famous internet giant has officially filed a complaint with the Turkish Constitutional Court, requiring a full access to its video-sharing service. The fight does not seem to bring to a foregone conclusion … Google representatives are indeed aware of this; a spokesperson has indicated his great disappointment about the situation.

Hopefully for Google, and especially for all Turkish citizens who wish to enjoy free internet access, the outcome may be positive, as this was the case with Twitter.

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