World’s Top Companies Failing at Data Privacy

World’s Top Companies Failing at Data Privacy

In an exhaustive report on data protection, privacy and censorship on some of the world’s largest tech companies have shown an alarming trend. None of them offered an adequate level of disclosure on their levels of privacy and censorship, resulting in the highest scoring company only at 65%. As the report shows the world’s top tech companies failing at data privacy, it paints a sorry picture of the state of data protection on a worldwide scale. The report, compiled by think tank New America Foundation, is the most comprehensive analysis on user agreement policies that has been conducted.

Companies such as Facebook, Google, Vodafone and several high profile Asian companies including China’s Tencent and South Korea’s Daum Kakao, were all assessed in an ongoing project titled Ranking Digital Rights. The findings, which come as a shock, show that not a single company had offered basic disclosures of their privacy policy and data usage. Even the top companies such as Google and Facebook are falling short on what should be disclosed to their users.

In order to display these results in a quantitive way that is easy to digest and understand, each company was scored on a percentage. This took into consideration on privacy, freedom of expression and their actual commitment to these. What makes this finding even more shocking, is that it fits so well into the recent surge of cyber attacks and data breaches. With so many attacks being reported, there is little surprise that even the top tech companies are falling short in the matter. Which only shows that the smaller companies are even more at risk. Going forward, this report will not only make it easier for customers and users a better idea in deciding who to trust, but it should hopefully provide a wake up call for those companies to sort their priorities and change for the better.

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