WikiLeaks to Publish Leaked Sony Files

WikiLeaks to Publish Leaked Sony Files

When the Sony Pictures hack dominated the news at the end of last year, it sent shockwaves through the world warning the vulnerability of computer systems everywhere. If one of the largest entertainment companies were at risk from hackers, then surely anybody can be exposed to data theft. After the leaks went global, including unreleased films and scripts, calls for tighter security were raised. Now, almost 6 months after the initial leak, WikiLeaks to publish leaked Sony files for all to see.

Julian Assange, editor-in-chief for WikiLeaks, claims the files obtained through the hack are now the property of the public. From the WikiLeaks website, it is now incredibly easy to search for any document whilst using a simple search engine. With filters to choose from searching specific file types such as Word, Excel, PDF, Text files can now bounce back any file. Compared to before when even though the documents were online, it wasn’t simple to search through the thousands of documents. This all changes with the simplicity of WikiLeaks.

The reason that these documents have been openly given to the public is that according to Assange, they highlight the cooperation and relationship Sony has with the government. But a spokesperson from Sony simply claims that WikiLeaks are only furthering the damage initially done by the hackers many believe to be North Korea. The MPAA (The Motion Picture Association of America) has also hit out at WikiLeaks for distributing the hacked documents as it is also further violating the breaches of privacy for thousands of employees.

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