Watch BBC iPlayer Anywhere in the World

Watch BBC iPlayer Anywhere in the World

When trying to access BBC iPlayer from abroad, you will encounter an error stating that you cannot access this content outside the UK. This is to prevent anyone from outside the UK from accessing the streaming service. But what if you’re just away on holiday or working abroad, and completely unable to catch up on your favourite show back in the UK. With Le VPN, you can now watch BBC iPlayer anywhere in the world.

Le VPN allows you to use your device, whether it is your laptop, tablet or smartphone, to access region restricted content anywhere in the world. By allowing you to change your IP address, your geo-location, you can access content as if you were in that country, even if you are actually in a hotel in Brazil. By doing so, you can access the entire content of iPlayer anywhere you happen to be in the world.

But Le VPN has more to offer than just accessing region restricted content, it can also safeguard your internet connection wherever you connect from, so you know you’ll always be secure regardless of where you connect to the internet from. With the wide-spread availability of free public wifi zones, the risk of an unsecured network is growing as well. When a network is free for anyone to connect, it leaves it open for hackers and attacks on people’s personal data. By using Le VPN, you will have an encrypted connection all the time, wherever you connect from. As well as heightened security, Le VPN will also allow completely anonymous browsing of the internet, so you can be safe in the knowledge no one is watching you.

So the next time your favourite show is on live, or you want to watch catch up, but are out of the country, don’t miss out, sign up to Le VPN and watch BBC iPlayer anywhere in the world.



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