Why Should You Use Le VPN Over A Free Proxy Server?

Why Should You Use Le VPN Over A Free Proxy Server?

If you are working as part of an organization, you would know what a proxy server is and what it does. Basically, in companies, your online activity is restricted. Since you would be using an official network, your online activity would be under a scanner and you cannot access websites beyond the ones that are set by the company. Now, to use the company connection to access other websites, you would need a free proxy server.

What Is A Free Proxy Server?

In case you are using a free proxy server, you need to know how it works. Such a server will mask your original IP address and make it anonymous. That way, you can do whatever you want online without having a fear of getting tracked. The free proxy server forms a kind of middleman between the internet and the device you are using. The free proxy server functions a lot like a VPN service. For instance, let’s say you are trying to access a website that is banned by the connection you are using, then a free proxy server comes in handy.

However, a VPN offers more secure connection over the free proxy server. It is always advisable not to pick free VPN service providers. Rather, spend a few dollars per month and subscribe to a reliable VPN provider- Le VPN.

Benefits Of Using Le VPN

  • Bypass website restrictions

Similar to Le VPN, a free proxy server allows you to bypass website restrictions. If you are trying to access Facebook in the region where it is inaccessible, in such a situation, Le VPN will allow you to unblock it.

  • Online security

The free proxy server functions a lot like a VPN. But, a free proxy server does not encrypt your internet network. Whereas, Le VPN encrypts your internet connection. As a result, no external online threat can infiltrate your system. Make a wise choice and keep your connections private and safe with Le VPN.

  • Maintain online anonymity

By using a proxy server, no one can identify or track the internal clients. This means irrespective of what you do on the internet; there is no way someone can track down your actual identity. Your IP address is hidden from the internet service providers. Therefore, you can bypass the website restrictions. With Le VPN, you can keep your online identity safe, and you can browse the internet anonymously. And no one can identify your whereabouts.

Most companies tend to opt for the proxy browser or proxy settings. The admin in charge of the company network can include firewalls and other blocks to control the online activities of their employees. E.g., the company can block social networking websites, sports telecasting channels, and video streaming websites like YouTube. And with Le VPN, you can bypass such restrictions. But Le VPN encrypts your internet connection.

Hence, before you use a free proxy server be aware that your privacy is not as protected. Instead, Le VPN ensures 100% online security. Your internet speed is also not compromised with Le VPN. For the seamless internet browsing experience, opt for Le VPN.



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