After Twitter, Turkey blocks YouTube

After Twitter, Turkey blocks YouTube

The Turkish government has ordered on March 27th YouTube platform to be blocked. This occurred just a week after banning the use of Twitter, after the release of pirate records who challenge the regime. And this decision took place just before the municipal elections, on the weekend of March 29th that are crucial to Prime Minister Erdogan.

The decision about YouTube has been communicated to the Internet servers and Turkish GSM operators, said the “Hürriyet” newspaper. The following message appears now when users try to access to the platform: “Access has been blocked by the Turkish Telecommunications Authority (TIB).”

On March 20th, Twitter ban was related to the recording of a conversation in which four senior Turkish officials, including Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and the head of intelligence Hakan Fidan , were exchanging on a potential military operation in Syria.

The authenticity of this discussion and the conditions under which it was recorded have not yet been established. The Turkish Foreign Ministry responded by saying that this record was “manipulated”, denouncing a “hateful attack” on Turkey national security.

Since February, there are dozens of pirate recordings which have been posted online and imply among others the Prime Minister M. Erdogan in a huge scandal about corruption phone calls.

That is why the Turkish government decided to block Twitter a week ago, which generated much criticism from all over the world. On March 26th, a court in Ankara ordered the suspension of the measure concerning Twitter, which still remains in force, as the TIB has thirty days to comply with it.

“Many Turks still have access to Youtube, because they were already using a VPN to counter Twitter censorship,” wrote a journalist in Istanbul on March 27th on … Twitter.

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