Parents Worried As TeenSafe App Leaks Apple ID Passwords

Parents Worried As TeenSafe App Leaks Apple ID Passwords

From a layman’ perspective, a VPN offers a private network over a public service- the Internet. When you use this technology, it becomes virtually impossible for anyone to follow your internet activity, the way they could if you are using a regular internet connection. The best VPN services allow you to browse any website you want over the internet without having to worry about covering up your tracks.

TeenSafe Leaks Apple ID Passwords

TeenSafe is favorite among parents worldwide to keep a tab on the online activities of their children. Recently, the application was in the news for the wrong reasons.  The app allows parents to view the website history and monitor texts and call logs among other things. However, the data on its two online servers were left virtually unprotected without passwords. This allowed the online criminals to gain access to the emails and passwords of thousands of impressionable teenagers. This is a significant breach of trust as well as a security concern. Its shocking vulnerability underlines the need for best VPN services. Le VPN’s services are cost-effective and an essential part of your armory when you go online. Make use of the best VPN services to stay safe on the internet.

Best VPN Service And IP Masking

IP masking is one of the fundamentals of best VPN services. You are at the mercy of online predators and even the government of certain countries when you use the internet. This is because anywhere you visit, or anything you download leaves a permanent digital footprint. It is possible to track you via the IP address you are using to access the internet.

A VPN Makes It Impossible To Track You

The best VPN services ensure that the tracking software is confused. When you use a VPN, you replace your original IP with that of the VPN service provider’s. As a result, no one (including your ISP) knows your unique IP address. This method is an effective deterrent for any monitoring agency; you can pursue your activities online, without worrying about bugs as well.

Additional Benefits Of Le VPN: The Best VPN Services

Another advantage of best VPN services is that you can access any website, regardless of the country you are in. And when you use a Virtual Private Network, the data is always encrypted and safe, keeping the hackers at bay. If you are the owner of a company, you can access data from a remote location, increasing the productivity. Le VPN has quality VPN servers in 100+ locations. Hence, a safe connection to the internet is available almost across the world.

Many times, a big file needs to be shared among a large group of people, and Le VPN is perfect for it. You can unblock the content of your choice and bypass internet filters easily.  This is a great help in those places where internet censorship is the norm. You can also be provided with an IP address from another country, along with increased efficiency and bandwidth.



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