Internet censorship in the world

Internet censorship in the world


There are various cases of Internet censorship in the world. Some Canadian researchers just announced that they have identified some authoritarian regimes exploiting the technology of a U.S. firm to monitor, filter and censor information on the Internet. These software and technology tools created by the company Bluecoat, based in California, are already used by countries that raise “concerns regarding human rights,” said the Citizen Lab Department at the University of Toronto.

These tools were used in the world by countries such as China, Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan, Bahrain, China, India, Indonesia, Iraq Kenya, Lebanon, Malaysia, Nigeria, Russia, South Korea, Singapore, Russia, Thailand, Turkey and Venezuela.

 Providers “should consider making things clear about the use of such tools in the world. Hopefully, Blue Coat will seize the opportunity of this report to explain how they ensure that their tools are not used to violate human rights,” says one of the researchers. The Canadian lab published this report after similar Blue Coat technologies have been discovered in Syria in 2011.

 This echoes the list of countries enemies Internet updated every year by Reporters Without Borders in the world : this includes totalitarian regimes where the Internet is censored such as Saudi Arabia, Russia and China, but also countries under surveillance, such as Australia or the United Arab Emirates France, since the latter has adopted the Hadopi law.

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