Spotify Plans Expansion In Asian Countries

Spotify Plans Expansion In Asian Countries

Music is the best company when we are travelling. It helps soothe your mind and keeps your mind refreshed. And Spotify is one such music streaming service provider, which is preferred by travellers. Now, the people in Thailand and Vietnam can enjoy Spotify premium abroad. At present, Spotify services are available in more than 50 countries.

By using Spotify premium abroad, one can easily listen to different types of music. Of course, they have restricted digital content. With Spotify, you can listen to different artists, record labels and much more.

Spotify Premium Abroad In Vietnam And Thailand

Music fans who frequently travel within nations, pick Spotify premium abroad plans. The music streaming service provider, Spotify, will soon enter Vietnam and Thailand markets. They are already looking out for music editors for these two countries. The music editors will operate from Singapore, which is their Asia Pacific headquarters. This is the same line of action that the company adopted while launching its services in Indonesia. Spotify has presence across many countries.

Plans For India

Spotify premium abroad also has plans to expand in India. Though there is not much details available on the same.

Spotify – Music Lovers’ First Choice

This is particularly great news for travellers who make use of Spotify premium abroad when they are travelling. This service helps the travellers to use Spotify in countries which are different from one that they have registered. There are some places in Asian markets where Spotify is not yet available. Though the launch in new market places is not likely to be smooth, however, Spotify needs to capture these markets at the earliest.

Enjoy Spotify Anywhere With Le VPN

Do you love Spotify? But, you can’t access it in the nation where you are travelling? We understand that Spotify is region restricted. But, we can help. There is one easy way out. And that is VPN Spotify. Don’t miss out on your favourite music with Le VPN.

With Le VPN service, you don’t have to fill up your iPod with a limited amount of music that will last the trip. Rather, you can access the whole online music library on the internet enabled device. Le VPN is a virtual private network. This is one of the easiest ways of overcoming geo-restriction. You only need to change the IP address to that country’s where Spotify is available. This will give you instant access to Spotify Premium abroad.

Access From 120+ Different Countries

Le VPN has its network in 120+ different countries across the globe. The VPN service provider helps you overcome the restrictions imposed by record labels and music companies in certain nations. Also, you can access Spotify without the fear of being caught. Le VPN allows you the access by masking IP address, you can use VPNs for iPhone, computer, iPad, and any device and OS. As a result, no one can track that you are enjoying music via Spotify. So, subscribe to Le VPN and enjoy the online music library via Spotify.



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