What the Sony Hack Should Teach Us

What the Sony Hack Should Teach Us

The Sony Pictures hack, which took place at the end of last year, was one of the worst cyber attacks in history. Resulting in a massive breach of security throughout the whole of Sony Pictures. Leaked films, employees’ details, personal emails and passwords for social media accounts were all exposed. There are plenty of lessons for both companies and individuals to be learned from this attack. So what the Sony hack should teach us is to be far more careful with sensitive data.

Now, the first obvious lesson would be to make sure sensitive data is secure. But it goes beyond that. In this day and age of everything being stored digitally, it has become a natural impulse to literally save everything. From old emails, documents, contacts, nothing ever takes physical space up so what’s the harm in storing everything? If anything it simply increases the security risk. Sony got caught out by storing everything they had, from emails to previous employees’ details, information which no longer serves a purpose. But these kinds of data are of use to someone who could use this information illegally.

So even though this age of data backup and online storage, be careful what you keep and if it really is no use, delete it, for good. If Sony took this stance, the embarrassment and legal cases which followed could have been be avoided.

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