Six Teenagers Arrested For Cyber Attacks

Six Teenagers Arrested For Cyber Attacks

Six teenagers arrested for cyber attacks, and have been subsequently been bailed. This came after suspicions of the teenagers had been using hacking group Lizard Squad’s hacking tool Lizard Stresser to attack various websites. The sites that had been targeted have been confirmed to be schools, newspapers, games companies and retailers, who have all been targeted through dedicated denial of service, the process where hundreds of requests to access a website occur at once, essentially too much for the site to handle, which prevents anyone else from accessing the website too.

The teenagers, aged between 15 and 18, were arrested in the UK and found guilty of using Lizard Squad’s hacking tool, Lizard Stresser. Lizard Squad, a hacking group who were responsible for the hack on Sony Pictures last year, which resulted in untold financial damage, not to mention harming the reputation of one of Hollywood’s biggest studios. The hack exposed not just the company’s email accounts, employees details, but also the leaking of several films yet to be released, as well as various screenplays.

DDoS attacks have been known to last anywhere from hours to days, affecting website traffic and even using oblivious internet routers and computers affected with viruses that contribute to the attack. Lizard Squad have also been responsible for the attacks on the gaming platforms Xbox Live and the Playstation Network in December of 2014, by implementing the Lizard Stresser tool. The hacking program has been available as a hired tool for anyone to use in order to attack any website they wish. The teenagers arrested paid for its use using Bitcoin in an attempt to remain anonymous, neither are said to be part of the hacking group Lizard Squad.

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