Samsung Galaxy S6 Affected by Numerous Bugs

Samsung Galaxy S6 Affected by Numerous Bugs

Google have announced that their specialist team of security experts have found that the latest offering from Samsung is far from secure as the Samsung Galaxy S6 affected by numerous bugs. As what is standard practice for Google and their Project Zero security team when they test new hardware for errors. When they began testing the Samsung Galaxy for security vulnerabilities, they were at least able to fix the majority of the problems within the 90 days. These security glitches ranged from low risk all the way to ‘high impact’ bugs, which in some cases allowed hackers to quite easily take control of a user’s smartphone and steal personal data.

Even though most of the bugs were fixed relatively quickly, three bugs are still left, which Samsung have announced that they will be fixing as soon as possible. The Korean tech giants plan to release a security patch every month, allowing fixes to be rolled out on a more regular basis in order to maintain a good security cover on all its hardware and software. But until these last bugs are ironed out in November, the risks are still there for users.

After coming under intense scrutiny over the last year for various security flaws, the Android operating system, which runs on over a billion devices worldwide. Concerns were raised when a couple of troublesome bugs plagued Android devices, the ‘Stagefright Bug’ was revealed to be much more dangerous glitch than first feared. Since then, Google have made ever effort in combatting these glitches as well as taking all the required steps in preventing them in the first place. Their challenge now is to monitor and control the hardware that is being made by third parties, making the job of security even trickier.

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