Ring Doorbell Hack: From Home Security to HAL 9000

Ring Doorbell Hack: From Home Security to HAL 9000

Having an IP doorbell can be a huge benefit for both your lifestyle and your home security. But as we have seen with several Ring doorbell hack examples, it can quickly turn into a nightmare.

Amazon’s security solution is not easy to hack on its own. But, if the IP address of the home is exposed, the connection can be intercepted, and your own system used to spy on you. Not to mention that with the two-way talk function, harassment was frequent in multiple hacking cases.

Owners need to realize that employing high-tech solutions in their home security needs to go hand in hand with their cybersecurity. Companies like Le VPN offer packages that surpass what is a VPN used for in the past and can protect both your digital and IRL possessions.

Ring Doorbell Hack: From Home Security to HAL 9000. | Le VPN

What is the Ring Doorbell?

A Ring doorbell is an invention from Amazon that is basically an IP camera that works like a doorbell. There is a button that will call your device, and you can communicate with anyone that is in front of your door.

Additionally, the doorbell system can be connected to other IoT appliances and services like Alexa. This way, the number of options provided by the doorbell becomes even larger.

Regretfully, as your home system becomes more connected, so do the risks of a security breach rise. What could have been a fairly low-risk doorbell hack might become a danger for you and your family.

Advantages to Home Security

Several main advantages should be mentioned when talking about IP doorbells. Having a better picture of who is coming to your door and when can significantly increase security for both you and your neighbors.

Ring doorbells double as security cameras and can record everything they see. This can help you monitor your home and assist the police if anything bad happens.

Know Who is Coming to Your Door

The most obvious advantage of having a camera in your doorbell is knowing who came to your door.

Even if you were unable to answer the bell from your device, you can review the video afterward and maybe contact the person in question. Otherwise, you can also know if someone has been harassing your family or was generally suspicious.

Secure Your Packages and Deliveries

We all know the problem of having your package delivered and finding out 30 seconds later that, apparently, we weren’t at home. With a Ring doorbell, that becomes impossible.

If the delivery person pressed the button, the video will be saved, and you will know exactly what has happened. Here you can secure your delivery quickly.

Also, if you live in a doggy area, you might experience someone stealing your packages. With an IP doorbell, you can have a full video of the thieves.

Answer Your Door on Your Phone

Finally, answering your door even when you are nowhere near them is a huge benefit. By using your smartphone, you can communicate with the people coming to your home and sometimes receive crucial information.

While in most cases it will be people selling cookies and proselytizing, it could be some valuable information that you don’t want to miss.

Risks to Cybersecurity

Regretfully, having any type of IoT system increases cybersecurity risks for both your home and the devices inside it.

With a better focus on security, such as practicing cyber hygiene and installing a good VPN, you can easily protect your home system, protecting you from anyone attempting a Ring doorbell hack.

Easy Unsecured Ring Doorbell Hack

Ring doorbells, as well as most Amazon products, use a proxy server to connect all of your devices to the main AI stationed at a secure location.  This proxy is what is usually being hacked, or your device redirected to a fake server.

With a VPN, you can create a proxy bypass where all connections will be secured and encrypted. Anyone from the outside will need to hack the military-grade VPN server to enter your system.

Outside Surveillance

If you can see it online, there is a possibility of someone else seeing it as well.

While those paranoid will usually point to giant corporations, namely Amazon, there are other malicious entities online as well. If your system is not protected, you can be under surveillance by anyone capable enough to piggyback on your connection.

Solutions to Doorbell Hacks

Best solutions, if you want to prevent a Ring doorbell hack, should be a part of your general cybersecurity. Having your system connected to a VPN, adequately encrypted, and generally diversified will prevent most if not all issues with security.

Additionally, practice cyber hygiene such as Facebook VPN connection and other social media security. This should also apply to your behavior, as you should never share private information with unknown people or apps on or offline.

Encryption & VPN

As most hacks are crimes of opportunity rather than direct targeting, having a VPN that will encrypt all of your connections is the best way to protect your system.

Premium VPN providers like Le VPN offer packages that can encompass all of your devices, including those on the IoT.

Home Security Diversity

Having more than one cybersecurity option is always a good idea. Passwords, VPNs, and detached systems can save you a lot of headaches.


Having an IP doorbell is a good idea if you want to improve home security. But, if you want to prevent a Ring doorbell hack, you will need to work on your cybersecurity first.

Thankfully, with premium VPN providers like Le VPN, you can be quick to incorporate your doorbell into your existing security system.



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Written by Vuk Mujović @VukMujovic

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