Protect Yourself When Travelling

Protect Yourself When Travelling

When you leave the country, chances are you’ll have your smart phone, tablet or even your laptop with you. Even shoestring backpackers will cram their iPad into their heaving 80 litre rucksacks heading for Bangkok. With wifi so widely available, even in the most remote corners of South America chances are you can hook up to the Internet wirelessly. Most people think the most important thing to protect yourself when travelling is insuring the devices themselves and being vigilant, but what about your Internet connection?

When you connect to the Internet, whether in the airport waiting for a flight, the hotel you’ve just checked in at, or maybe even the first Internet cafe you find, you won’t always be using a secure connection. Not only is your privacy at stake, but also your security. When you connect to the Internet wirelessly or wired, you don’t know how secure the connection is and unfortunately most of the time you can’t be too fussy to find out or find one that is. So instead of risking your personal information, use Le VPN to establish a secure and private connection and browse the Internet anonymously and safely.

Le VPN does this by connecting to a secure server somewhere else, somewhere you can choose, to bypass the risk of anyone seeing your online activities. Not only will you be using the Internet securely and anonymously but you can also bypass censorship and unblock regional restrictions on sites such as Netflix.

So wherever you are in the world, don’t just connect to an unsecured network, use Le VPN to connect to a secure network across all your devices and protect yourself when travelling.




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