Prank Website Allows You To Crash Any iOS Device

Prank Website Allows You To Crash Any iOS Device

A prank website allows you to crash any iOS device just by sending a link to a website. The link has grown in popularity and continues to torment unsuspecting users. The link, which is simply, overloads the phone’s browser through its address bar until the point that the device cannot handle it and reboots. Not just a restart but also heats the device up as it tries to cope with the added workload.

On an Android device, Chrome suffers a similar fate and heats the device up, but luckily quitting the application solves the issue. But portable devices are not the only victims to the prank, desktop computers and laptops are also susceptible to the attack which causes browsers to become sluggish or even cash altogether. The website includes a code that generates a never-ending text string that overloads the browser as it attempts to handle the load.

Users have been shortening the URL in order to track unsuspecting users and causing their devices to crash and reboot. People are asked to be cautious when clicking on shortened URLs or any unfamiliar links, as it could be the prank itself. One of the shortened URLs have been clicked on over 100,000 times. Even though it is a frustrating prank to fall victim to, there is no long term ill-effects on the phone, a quick restart will solve the issue.

If you are concerned with security risks, as well as hacking, then there are multiple steps you can take to protect yourself. Firstly, by being more vigilant on clicking links that are sent you. Even if they come from someone you know, always check first. Another way to stay safe is to sign up to a VPN service, which protects your online presence and data you transmit over the internet. Le VPN can provide you with a secure and encrypted connection to the internet, no matter where you are, allowing complete anonymity when online. This prevents any potential hacker from snooping on your activity. Le VPN is also great for bypassing censorship and unblocking websites and services that may be restricted in some parts of the world.

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