PPTP VPN step-by-step installation instructions for Mac OS X | Le VPN

PPTP installation on Mac OS X

We recommend to use Le VPN for Mac OS X application to easily install Le VPN with support of all VPN protocols. Install


1) Click the “Apple” then “System Preferences”

2) Click “Network” under “Internet & Wireless”

3) Click “+” (the plus icon)

4) Select “VPN” for the “interface”, “PPTP” for the “VPN Type”, and enter descriptive name such as “Le VPN UK” for “Service Name”

5) Click “Create”

6) Select the newly created “Le VPN UK” connection

7) In the “Server address” field, enter uk.le-vpn.com (for the UK server), fr.le-vpn.com(for the French server) etc for other countries

You can find the full list of servers here.

8) Type your Le VPN username in the “Account Name” field

9) Click “Authentication Settings” and enter your Le VPN password in the “Password” field, then click “OK”

10) Click “Advanced”, check “Send all traffic over VPN connection”, then click “OK”

11) Click “Apply”


1) Click the new VPN icon in the menu bar

2) Click “Connect Le VPN UK”