Tunnelblick Installation on Mac OS X

Tunnelblick Installation on Mac OS X

We recommend to use Le VPN for Mac OS X application to easily install Le VPN with support of all VPN protocols.


1. Download “TunnelblickLeVPN.zip” from the link below:

2. Double click on “TunnelblickLeVPN.zip” to unzip the data.

3. Double click on “Tunnelblick Application” icon in the Finder window

4. A new dialog box will appear: “Tunnelblick must be installed in Applications. Do you wish to install Tunnelblick to Macintosh/Applications and install 20 Tunnelblick VPN configuration? Type your password to allow this.” click on “OK”

5. Next, dialog will appear “Install Configuration For All Users?” Choose “All users” if you want to allow anybody on this computer to use Le VPN or “Only Me” to make Le VPN available to current user only.

6. Repeat the previous step for each of 20 VPN servers.

7. New dialog will appear “Installation succeeded”. Click “Launch”.

8. In the next dialog, “New Feature”, click on “Check for change”.

9. In the next window, “Check for updates automatically?”, click “Check automatically”.


1. Click on the “Tunnelblick” icon in your menu bar.

2. In the drop down menu, choose the server to which you wish to Connect.

3. You may be prompted to enter your system administrator password to fix permissions for the configuration files. If so, enter your system username and password.

4. Enter your Le VPN username and password received in activation email (same as PPTP credentials).

5. Once connected, the “Tunnelblick” icon will change from a dark tunnel to a light tunnel.


1. Click on the “Tunnelblick” icon in your menu bar.

2. Select “Disconnect” from the drop down menu.

OpenVPN configuration files

You can download OpenVPN configuration files using the links below:

OpenVPN port UDP 53
OpenVPN port TCP 80
OpenVPN port TCP 443
OpenVPN with HybridVPN

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Alternative installation methods

There are alternative ways to setup VPN connection with Le VPN for Mac OS X:

Installation instructions for other devices