Obama to Provide Internet For Low-Income Areas

Obama to Provide Internet For Low-Income Areas

In a move that will be welcomed by many people across America, and essentially the world, is that President Barack Obama has announced plans to reach out to as many people as he can with high-speed internet. Highlighting the importance of internet access in today’s world, Obama claims internet access is more than just a luxury now, but instead a necessity. In today’s world, for anyone wanting to connect to the economy, internet is required. After the announcement of Obama to provide internet for low-income areas, the program is hoping to inspire others around the world.

The program, called ConnectHome, hopes to initially reach 27 cities, with a reach of around 275,000 homes to begin with, and nearly 200,000 children. Obama announced the plans as he was visiting the third biggest Native American tribe in the USA, the Choctaw Nation. In an effort to bridge the gap between poverty and the rest of the United States, Obama hopes that connecting everyone to the rest of the world through the internet will not only help kids with homework, but will eventually lead to improved career opportunities. Obama proceeded to then paint a bigger picture as to the consequences of the country falling behind in the global economy.

The announcement came after the President’s second visit to the Native American tribe of Choctaw Nation, having previously visited and vowed to help the needs of Native Americans, in terms of employment and education. With the ConnectHome initiative, this is good step forward in ensuring the youth of Choctaw and other reservations across the United States are provided the same care and help the rest of the country is afforded.

With the internet now playing such a major role in modern society, the advantages of the entire world connected far exceeds the negatives, with economy, education and technology all improving the lives of everyone who has access. But with millions of people connected together online, it means there is a lot of personal information floating around the world wide web, which if it falls into the wrong hands, it could be disastrous. By taking every possible step to protect yourself online, it is possible to keep your personal information and data safe, and secure.

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