Nigelthorn Malware Through Malicious Browser Extensions

Nigelthorn Malware Through Malicious Browser Extensions

Social media websites, especially Facebook, are invading all of our lives. And we share a lot of personal information on the platform. Hence, Facebook has become one of the viable means for hackers. Many hackers use the lookalike Chrome extension installation window to spread malware. According to reports, there is some new malware which are attacking Facebook users. For better security, users must opt for the best paid VPN.

What Is This New Malware?

The new malware is Nigelthorn, which is spreading through malicious browser extensions. It steals the credentials of the users. It is involved in the installation of cryptocurrency miners. The malware was spread through seven Chrome extensions. The modus operandi involves making copies of original Google Chrome extensions. Then a malicious script is injected into it. This bypasses the extension validation checks of Google.

Last year, the malware Digimine attacked victims over Facebook. This malware could access the FB profile of the victim. The malware then spread to the friends’ list via messenger. Most of this malware, mainly try to collect the credentials of the victim’s social media accounts. Therefore, it is important always to make sure that you install an official Facebook app and software. And use a best paid VPN service.

How Can A Best Paid VPN Be Useful?

As we willingly share ample of personal data on social media websites, we have to make sure to be vigilant. You should know that all the events, pictures, stories, and details you share on the Facebook are always under a scanner. There have been multiple cases of data theft. It is therefore essential that you take measures to protect your Facebook account. The best way to do this is by using a best paid VPN. The best protection from any malware entering into your system is to use a secure and encrypted internet connection. Opt for Le VPN, which is one of the most reliable VPN service providers.

Here Is Why Le VPN Is The Best!

Le VPN creates a secret internet connection that hackers and eavesdroppers will not be able to break in. Therefore, all the data on your system remains safe. When you use a virtual private network, your IP address is replaced with that of the VPN service provider’s. Le VPN has servers in 100+ locations. This way, you can browse anonymously.

One can connect to Le VPN’s SmartDNS service by opting for their all-inclusive subscription packages. Hackers cannot get access to your details. Browse different websites and social media platforms with a peace of mind. Le VPN also lets you bypass the internet censorship with ease. Additionally, Le VPN does not store the logs of the users. So, one can rest assured that they are entirely safe in the online world when they opt for Le VPN. Le VPN’s customized software for Android, Windows, and iOS makes it compatible with different smartphones.

Access Facebook without worrying about malicious malware by opting for the Le VPN services.



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