Netflix to Launch in Australia and New Zealand

Netflix to Launch in Australia and New Zealand

After endless waiting, it seems the people of Australia and New Zealand have finally got their wish, as it is announced Netflix to launch in Australia and New Zealand. The proposed release has been scheduled for March 2015. It has come as welcome news to many users who have called for the service since its worldwide availability, all aside from New Zealand and Australia. If anyone wanted to access Netflix, they would have to sign up as an American customer (or another country) and use a VPN service in order to unblock the streaming service.

If you are one of those people still waiting on Netflix to finally make its way to that part of the world, you can use Le VPN as a means to unblock the service and watch all the streaming content as if you were actually living in that country. Even if you sign up to American or British, or any other country that has Netflix, trying to access these services whilst in Australia or New Zealand will not work. Unless of course, you use Le VPN. This is due to licensing restrictions imposed by TV rights distributors and movie studios, which refrain from foreign content streaming in certain regions.

But it looks like Netflix have finally managed to strike a deal to broadcast content that is both foreign as well as unique Australian and New Zealand TV and films. What this also mean is now a whole new library of content will be available in this region. By using Le VPN, you would be able to access the new library of content anywhere in the world, just by connecting to a New Zealand or Australian IP address. In the meantime, if you are in New Zealand or Australia, don’t wait around, sign up to Le VPN and watch Netflix from the USA or anywhere else. Until next year anyway, as Netflix to launch in Australia and New Zealand.



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