Netflix Expanded to 130 More Countries

Netflix Expanded to 130 More Countries

With a move that shocked everyone, Netflix announced that it has expanded its streaming service to more than 130 countries worldwide, thats an incredible lift to 190 countries which are fully supported by the online streaming giants. With the news that Netflix expanded to more than 130 more countries, there has never been a better time to sign up for a VPN service. With the ever growing catalogue of Netflix originals hitting the online channel, including House of Cards, Orange is the New Black and a slew of new movies such as Beasts of No Nation, there is going to be a lot of regional content.

This means that not only will you get wildly different libraries between countries, with this many new ones added, the number of different content has also grown. The difference in content can be due to a number of different factors; licensing issues that prevent certain content from being played in certain regions to Netflix’s choice on what they believe the demographic would like. This of course can be frustrating if Netflix start pulling content without your knowledge, especially if you’re halfway through a show.

But with a VPN service like Le VPN, you can easily switch your ‘virtual location’, your IP address which determines your physical location, to anywhere in the world. This effectively unlocks any library that is specific to that country. So if you’re backpacking in Thailand and want to watch that US drama that is unaccessible in Thailand, by switching your IP address to that of an American one unblocks this.

With the news of all the countries being added for support, this can only mean good things for those who use Netflix with a VPN. The number of original content will only grow and is really bringing closer Netflix’s dream of a global Tv channel. But a VPN can do much more than unblock restricted content, it can also heighten your own security online, preventing anyone from snooping on your activity. By connecting to a secure tunnel direct to the internet, you will be safeguarding yourself, no matter what you use or where you connect from.

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