Music streaming on smartphone is booming

Music streaming on smartphone is booming

People do listen to music streaming on smartphone more and more.

Whereas it is listening to music while being in their office, commuting or relaxing at home, people are more and more into music streaming. It is especially true for smartphones.
Online music sites have indeed a booming audience, according to a study by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI). They recently interviewed users in no less than 13 countries and found out that 55% of the respondents listen to music on the Internet at least once on their smartphone during the last six months. In comparison, this figure represented only 50% in 2015. 66% of the people who listen to music on internet use their computer, however, this figure continues to decline.

Through this study, which gathers the opinions of 900 people per country and was conducted in March and April 2016, we see that there are great disparities. In Mexico, for example, we see that this country is a leader on this issue with 77% of respondents listened to music streaming on smartphones at least once in the last six months but still half as many in Japan ( 39%).

We also note that there is a strong correlation between listening to music on smartphone and owning a paid subscription to a streaming site. Thus, a large majority of subscribers of Spotify or Deezer listen to streaming music on smartphone. In comparison, computers are more used by Internet users who use the free versions of these streaming sites, with advertising.

The results of this study show taht smartphones have become widespread in developed countries. However, one wonders why Apple recently introduced its new iPhone 7, which no longer offers a jack to connect headphones or wireless headsets.

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