Millions of Customers Vulnerable to Blackmail

Millions of Customers Vulnerable to Blackmail

Security experts have warned that those who have signed up to extra marital dating website Ashley Madison could potentially fall prey to blackmailing threats. The website, which is owned by Avid Media, was hacked back in July, after an anonymous threat came through from hacking group Impact Team, who demanded the website close otherwise customer’s details will become public. After the demands were not met, the group fulfilled their earlier threat and released a database online, complete with the sensitive details of over 37 million customers. This data included information such as names, addresses, credit card details, date of births, and other sensitive material. With so many compromising and incriminating details surfacing, millions of customers vulnerable to blackmail. Those who have signed up to Ashley Madison are advised to come clean before threats are made.

Ashley Madison customers who could be bank tellers, or anyone in finance, could potentially fall victim to blackmailing scams, opening them up to all sorts of trouble with revealing trade secrets, or any other sensitive information. Companies are being urged to identify employees who could be on the database that has been leaked online. In addition to the original leaked files, a second, and equally as large, database has been uploaded to the internet, this time containing internal company emails which allegedly show the site’s CFO discussing hacking a competitor’s website. The fallout of the Ashley Madison hack is still going on, with many marriages and relationships in ruins after spouses searched for their partner’s email address on the leaked data.

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