Microsoft launches its cybercrime center

Microsoft launches its cybercrime center

Microsoft just announced the launch of a center to “boost the global fight against cybercrime.” This new center called the Cybercrime Center recently opened on the campus of Microsoft’s U.S. headquarters.

The center “will combine the legal and technical expertise of Microsoft and the existing developed innovative tools and technologies” to fight against viruses, infringement of intellectual property or child pornography.
The center will be located at the Microsoft headquarters in the United States, in the city of Redmond. The center is also home to DCU (Digital Crime Unit ) that tracks botnets and other malware, as well as IPCU (Intellectual Property Crimes Unit). The combination of these two entities makes sense because some of the information found in a unit can be used by the others to fight cybercrime. This now represents worldwide 100 employees and more than 12 labs.

The center of Redmond will represent almost 1600 sqm with two laboratory investigations, operations rooms, meeting spaces and secure workplaces. It also offers a space for outside partners “to allow specialists in cybersecurity around the world to work with Microsoft experts for an unlimited time.”

“Combining sophisticated tools with the right people and new opportunities technology can build a ground for safer Internet,” explains David Finn, head of the unit responsible for Microsoft’s online crim . ”
The center provides tools for tracking criminals, especially an application named SitePrint that detects the common features of different malicious sites that may seem not related.

Among other tools, the DCU uses PhotoDNA to investigate online child pornography. This solution aims to track the signatures of photos from a matching hash (code identification). Facebook uses this system to detect and remove pornographic images. On the botnet topic, the DCU has quite impressive results with Waledac , Rustock , Kelihos , Zeus, Nitol and Citadel.
The unit also relies on a specialized legal service to seek prompt referral of command and control servers used by hackers.

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