Microsoft Adds Handwriting Recognition to Apps

Microsoft Adds Handwriting Recognition to Apps

Recently, Microsoft’s Project Ink Analysis has added handwriting recognition to its different apps. With this, the developers can add support to handwriting and shape recognition in different apps. Along with this API, the company will also be offering a unified speech services API. This API contains speech to text and text to speech services, customised voice services, and translation services. These new services in different Microsoft apps will be useful to developers and end users. However, due to internet censorship accessing, the same could be a problem in some countries. Test VPN services to unblock your favorite websites.

Test VPN Services For Skype And Other Apps

There are some apps which are useful in keeping touch with friends. Skype from Microsoft is one of the most widely used apps for chatting and video calling. Microsoft is coming up with some different services for different apps. If these apps are not accessible due to geo-restrictions, then test VPN service and unblock Skype anywhere.

What Is A VPN?

A VPN offers a secure channel for you to access the internet. A virtual private network masks the IP address of the user. It allows the user to connect the internet through a different server. A VPN is one of the easiest and reliable ways to overcome geo-restriction. Suppose you are travelling to a country where apps like Skype are not allowed, then you must opt for Skype VPN services from a trusted service provider. To do so, you simply need to update the IP to that of the service provider. There are many other advantages of using the VPN services. A VPN is one of the best ways to protect your online privacy and helps in ensuring your online security.

Make Use Of Le VPN Services For Skype

It may happen that you are traveling to a new location for work purpose. And Skype is not accessible there due to government-imposed restrictions. But you need Skype to connect with your family and friends back home. In this scenario, Le VPN comes to your rescue. Simply use Le VPN’s IP address of the location where Skype is accessible. Now, you can use Skype as if you are accessing it from your home country. Test VPN to access Skype anytime, anywhere.

Le VPN works very well with Skype video and telephone functions. You can use Le VPN’s IP address from the list of 100+ locations, where Le VPN has high-quality VPN servers. Enjoy a high quality and clear international voice and video calls.

Bypass Proxy Settings With Le VPN

Similarly, if your office has blocked access to Skype and it’s urgent for you to make a video call, use Le VPN. It helps you to overcome firewall issues as well. You must opt for one of their paid packages for a great online experience. Along with Skype, you can unblock other social networking websites, entertainment, and movie channels, as well as sports streaming web links.

Why Opt For A Paid VPN Service?

Some of you may feel that when there so many free service providers, then why to go for paid services. You cannot rely on free services when it’s a question of online data security. Just to save a little money, you may be putting your online safety at risk. Above all, Le VPN packages are very affordable. You can opt for different plans as per your convenience.

So, subscribe today to Le VPN, and make Skype calls whenever and from wherever you want.



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